Bubbles Everywhere by Rei Yano.

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Not very happy about this one. It is ok but I geuss I didnt really finish it. that is what happens when you take on lazerscale!

Made with LSDJ and Ableton Live . Download this track here





On 14th of January, 2010, r.domain said: "Agree with incomplete tracks happening for this project. It hasn't been too bad for me as I'm still on holidays but there's tracks I'd usually work on even more. I'll be revisiting a heap of my tracks later to develop them into 'feature length' songs. That's the cool thing about this project. Alot of ideas to revisit and you know what the ideas already sound like pretty much. :) "

On 13th of January, 2010, lazerbeat said: "I liked this too, pretty chilled."

On 13th of January, 2010, Rei Yano said: "thanks. I guess I like the dreaminess of it too. Too bad I couldn't finish it. I just have so much more to record."

On 12th of January, 2010, ubey said: "am loving the second part of this. i just spaced out for a while and it was great ^^"