The Gentleman and His Lovingly Knit Stockings by Beverage.

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And here I laid, face down upon a locomotive's track
I dreamt I was elsewhere -
The notes cluttering my safely locked pack -
forever left unread there.

A gentleman passing through the night
will forget to call the authorities -
euphoric moments before my plight -
not even becoming of stories.

Pedestrian merriment and stark manacles -
often cause and effect.
Should we leave the vagabonds so powerful -
or perhaps a statue in their honor erect?

Shall we all transform into soil
or become what the preachers preach?
I'm happy either day; the true result of my toil -
is understanding - vanity seems what we all still teach.

Made with LSDJ + reverb. Download this track here





On 5th of May, 2010, Beverage said: "When I uploaded this the first time, the site said "there was an error uploading your song," but for some reason it still made a page for that track. Sorry, this is the one to use! How is it I manage to trigger all of the bugs? ......"