003 by Silent Requiem.

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1-bit noize-modulation pc speaker mode on fast-tracker 2. There a bit of functions that don't work on 1-bit mode, also I think it get's synthesized as one channel, because there is a bit or prioritization and sketchy mixing that goes on, but I like the sound

Made with fasttracker II, 1-bit mode. Download this track here





On 13th of January, 2010, Rei Yano said: "oh my oh my..... the whole time just staring mouth agape. so good!!!!"

On 9th of January, 2010, Lazerbeat said: "This is really really good."

On 9th of January, 2010, 10k said: "this is badass."

On 9th of January, 2010, r.domain said: "Love it. Crank it up!"

On 9th of January, 2010, silreq said: "yeah the coolest part is that it comes out the pc speaker on the back of the computer not the audio speakers, you can use either 1-bit pulse or 1-bit noize modulation."

On 9th of January, 2010, little-scale said: "Wow, I love this track. So thick, so chunky. I did not know that FTII had a 1-bit mode, great stuff. "