Good Evening Darling, What All Has Changed? by Beverage.

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Actual instruments, still an electronic tracker.

Made with LMMS. Download this track here





On 24th of April, 2010, Beverage said: "Thanks, that means a lot! I've been doing a lot of work with LMMS recently, it's a different sort of experience. Up to this point with Lazerscale I've done mostly electronic music and have sort of been shaped musically by the tools I use; but with LMMS there are no real constraints (sample based, infinite channels) like with my other tools, LSDJ for instance, but I still apply the same sort of concepts. In the end, I feel pretty happy with it all. And hey, only 257 to go!"

On 23rd of April, 2010, Seb said: "Nice one. I really like the sound in this - it has a strange artificial feel to it"